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If I had never been bitten by those mosquitos that led to my current state of being, I won't be so adamant about creating this Malaria-deaths heat map.

Afterall, there are many Malaria data visualizations available, so what makes mine so different? Absolutely nothing, but I have to do it to satisfy myself inun accomplishing this challenge.

The hurdles I have been facing have to do with my attempts to dynamically pull data out of various sources and combine them for this heat map.

At the end of the day, I had to use Python to clean two data sources, and create a new malaria JSON file.

I have data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that has the number of malaria deaths.

I have access to the Google map api, which I have successfully imported into my p5.js sketch.

I also have the heat map script, which requires latitude and longitude coordinates. One would think that the WHO data would have latitude and longitude coordinates in their data... No such luck.

With help, I skirted around the idea of pulling this data out of another Google-based data collection, with this information. This involved using recursion, which somehow didn't work.

My friend Youjin took a shot at it, and came close... So close you can almost see it!

I am thinking of pushing data into a new data file.Pushing new lat long data into the malaria data, then into the heat map...

More to come