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(Silhouette of mass communication, like people in a city with phones.)


Voice over: We believe we have reached almost complete connectivity through our phones, tablets, online messengers, Slack...


The world is now indeed a global village.


We communicate visually in real time, with applications such as Skype. We track our friend's activities with our phones. We can even hangout with a group of friends virtually through Snapchat.


One thing is missing..., the ability to effectively read each other's thoughts... To hear the music in another person's head.


No matter how many languages and tools there are out there, even the closest of family members still do not communicate effectively.


Take for example the following scene...


Scene 1


(Stage: An office with cubicles, gray and white color scheme.)


Shot: An argument between co-workers that gets out of control. In the end everyone feels guilty.


Voice over: Let's take a closer look at the problem here. Obviously, this feeling of guilt is because each person could not really say how they feel and think. So how do we communicate our thoughts effectively? Even if we all speak the same language, this is still not possible...


...Until now.


(Audio: Hopeful music...)


Scene 2

A scientist is in a white room wearing street clothes. The mood is semi-formal


Alexandra: Hi, I am Alexandra one of the scientist behind a new revolutionary product that can drastically improve your life. My partners Michelle and Kathy, and I, have developed a mind collaboration tool we call the MINDMELDER..


It has taken us over 20 years of combined experience to develop MINDMELDER. Our patented product is 100% organic and is sourced from the rare Vamatula apple.., so rare that it only grows deep in the Congo rain forest in Africa.


Locals in this area have known about this apple for years, and have feared its effects. In fact, it is only the indigenous witch doctors that use it in rituals, to communicate with the Gods. It is even rumored to be sourced from the apple that Adam gave Eve.


Could this be the lost Garden of Eden?


We have safely pulled out the active ingredient Appelina 2479, and safely structured it to help us create a product to help us humans communicate better.


Its application is simple. We have developed a patch with this secret formula and have tested it for years. Each batch, be it a batch of 2, or a thousand, has matching bar codes which allow a group of two or more to communicate effectively.


Let's take a look at possible case uses...



Scene 3


(Stage) The group of 3 arguing in the office during Scene 2 is now seated at a restaurant, having a very friendly lunch.


Co-worker thoughts voice over (female): I am so glad we got this patch... It was so frustrating to even be in the same room with these guys before, now communicating and collaborating is a breeze...


Scene 4:


Silhouette of mass communication, like people in a city with phones.

Alexandra voice over: That meeting could have ended their careers, now they are all managers and due for promotions. Here are some other uses:


Scene 5

A loving couple on a date, a shot of a male and female applying the patch...

Voice over: On a date


Scene 6

Silhouettes of people at a party.

Voice over: At a rave, such as Coachella


Scene 7

As three people apply the patch, one after the other...


Voice over: The MINDMELDER patch is now being sold at most pharmacies for personal use...


We also sell in bulk, to companies wishing to improve collaboration between teams, and to entertainers, wishing to be more connected to their audience.