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  • Want to make a tool to help people like me, who have some sort of finger paralysis.
  • This tool will help open and close a person's fingers, to strengthen and help with  activities of daily living.
  • These activities include eating, dressing, grooming and moving objects around.
  • Considering various options, including a glove or an exoskeleton.
  • My first prototype is based on conductive thread, flexinol and possibly a lilypad.
  • Designed a rough sketch and picked the brains of Dan O and Tom Egoe (they were in the same place at the same time.
  • Both agreed my soft robotic exploration might be a difficult battle that may lead nowhere.
  • Mr. Egoe said the flexinol may not be strong enough to move my fingers.
  • I agree. On to part two... However, I do want to test my glove as a sensor...