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Introduction to Computational Media

Teacher: Dan O'Sullivan

Wed: 3.20-5.50pm

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P5.js online editor

If I had never been bitten by those mosquitos that led to my current state of being, I won't be so adamant about creating this Malaria-deaths heat map. Afterall, there are many Malaria data visualizations available, so what makes mine so different? Absolutely nothing, but I have to do it to satisfy myself inun accomplishing this challenge. The hurdles I have been facing have to do with my attempts to dynamically pull data out of various sources and combine them for this heat map. At the end of the day, I had to use Python to clean two data sources, and create a new malaria JSON file.

I have chosen to do a Malaria data visualization for my final project. Malaria is the second largest killer in the world, but because it affects more of the third-world population, few people here in the U.S. really understand its impact.

The malaria deaths data that I am trying to pull out of this database,*, is so frustrating!


Last week we learned about organizing our code into functions.

I hope to own a publishing business that distributes different types of digital content, including books, music, art and even some virtual / augmented reality works.

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